Avoid The Fines.  Be Ready

Xpert Images can provide your Dental Office QA/QC documents to ensure you are ready to pass and exceed requirements for an unannounced XRIS inspection. 

This including

  • Processes for various requirements

  • Tracking forms for images

  • Tracking forms for quality assurance

  • Collection of HARP proof for staff members

  • Office signage as it relates to radiography

  • Completion of mandatory HARP required forms

  • RPO duties

  • Review of Safety Code 30 and Regulation 543. 

  • Overview of 3D regulations

  • Dosimetry Badge requirement

Processes are catered to the system used in your office as well as the number of sensor/PSP/film used. 


Do you have the required documents for the last 6 years! 


Avoid the fines and avoid the stress. This manual will ensure your clinic will meet and exceed Ministry of Health requirements and that your  clinic is always ready for an XRIS unannounced Inspection.


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