What We Can Do to Improve your Practice?

Online 2D Quality Assurance Binder Preparation, software training and image enhancement

Xpert Images offers an array of online training services:


2D Binder Preparation for XRIS Compliance - Allow us to send you the Binder, tracking forms, tabs and required document list.  Then, during our 3 hour Zoom call, we will guide you or a team member on implementing the steps for your system.  Sensor, PSP or film?  We do them all.  Avoid the fines.  


Software Training – Upon completion your staff will understand the functions and features of your imaging software allowing them to work more efficiently.  We work with the most popular imaging software systems.


Image Assessment – We will review image quality and positioning to determine exposure errors and educate the staff to understand why and how to correct the issues.


Follow up – use our hourly service to educate new staff members or to do a QA question and answer after a full day of onsite training.

(Minimum 2 hour fee for all online sessions)

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