Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Why do we not comply?

Compliance means to conform to a rule or ensuring we are following the relevant laws, policies or regulations. The question is “why do so many of us not comply until we are caught?”

Think of all the things we avoid because we just haven’t been caught yet. Drive the speed limit, wear a helmet, do a better chart entry, ensure our staff has WHIMS, do the required QA for our radiography.

Many of the things we need to do “to be compliant” can be done on our own or we can reach out to the professionals to ensure we are not going to get caught in a bad situation. Fines for many “non-compliance” situations far outweigh the cost of complying.

As dental professionals, many good people are working to provide the best dental treatment to their patients. Time is minimal, especially after being off for many months and finally getting back into the mouth to do what dentists do best.

Do it now! Take the time to hire the right people to ensure you are compliant if you do not have the time to do it on your own. Whether it be for radiography QA, employment issues, health and safety, infection control or anything else you are supposed to comply with. The stress of dealing with inspectors, lawyers, fines or other issues in the office are not worth the money of paying to have it done right.

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