The X-Ray Inspector is Coming. Is Your Binder Ready?

As a Radiation Protection Officer in the office, the dentist is responsible for all radiography quality assurance protocols in the office. The responsibility can be delegated but only you will be fined if you do not comply with all aspects of the requirements. In the last two weeks, I have spoken to many dentists or office managers who have shared their experiences of an onsite inspection and what they were missing. The inspector may come to your office unannounced. This is what prompted dentists/managers to contact us to help them comply. Some were shocked to hear they need to follow quality assurance protocols for digital radiography and others were surprised by what they had to provide to the inspector. Get your "Binder" in order now or contact us to help you. Avoid the fines! If you have 3D imaging then you have additional items to prepare in order to comply!#x-ray

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